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Written by Ericka Dupervil / December 3, 2013

A Focus on the Future

Charlestown High School

Charlestown High School

When sixth period came to an end on Friday, Nov. 22, Senior Kaylia Green made her way to the first floor of Charlestown High School and the “Zone.” The Zone used to be a music room, when Charlestown High taught music class. It later became a Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC).

Now, for Kaylia Green and many other students, The Zone is the best part of their day. Two years ago, the Boston Scholar Athletes program established a learning center called “The Zone” inside each of Boston’s 19 Boston Public high schools. It’s a safe, quiet space for scholar-athletes to study during and after school with access to workstations, computers and the Internet. The Zone is staffed with dedicated individuals who work closely with the students.

Students working in The Zone

Students working in The Zone


The Zone doesn’t only provide a workplace for students, it also offers a great opportunity for them to go to college. It helps students maintain their academics to be eligible to play their sport. The Zone isn’t only accessible for athletes, but also for non-athlete students. It helps students aim higher for an education, increases SAT Scores, and the graduation rate of Boston public high schools. With the great amount of resources that it provides, students are able to start their college process, receive scholarships, and attend college tours. The staff especially is what connects the students to The Zone.

Charles Francis, who has been working with BSA for a year, was a former athlete and a graduate from Wentworth College, with a BA in computer engineering. He enjoys working at The Zone and has built a great connection with the Students. “The students love me,” he added.

Senior at Charlestown High School, Captian of the Cheerleading Squad and Indoor and Outdoor Track.

Kaylia Green

Kaylia Green, 18 years-old, originally from Florida, moved to Boston her sophomore year. She comes to The Zone “everyday of her life,” she said. She moved from Florida to Boston to live with her father because she was getting involved with the wrong crowd. After moving to Boston, she changed completely. Getting more involved in school, maintain a high grade point average, being captain of the cheer squad, indoor, and outdoor track. She has been awarded “Most Valuable Scholar Athlete”.

Here she talks about her family background.

For Green, college has always been in her future plan but she never really initiated it. Having the grades, potential, and opportunities to attend college, the pressure of attending college is a bit overwhelming for the senior. Her family has put a great amount of pressure on her to get into college, but Green wants to make these future plans for herself  The Zone has helped her open up her mind to attending college, and she is hoping to attend Providence College next year.

In this video, Kaylia shares her hopes for the future.


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