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Written by Lauren Lawrence / November 26, 2013

It’s All About the Food

A greasy burger, loaded with fried onions, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese and drenched in a homemade Jack Daniels barbeque sauce. Top it with a buttered bun, and it might just be what you need while walking through the streets of Boston on a Friday afternoon.

Bone Daddy’s Burgers, a food truck located in Boston, has been serving up burgers like this since April 2013, after the owner of Go Fish, a seafood business that was in the truck before Bone Daddy’s, passed down the food truck to Rich Cambriello. Cambriello, who was the sous-chef at Go Fish, was eager to change from seafood to¬† burgers, and was determined to stand out from the rest.

Cambriello, a tall man with tattoos running down his arms, also sports a chain around his neck and gauges in his ears. A black baseball cap atop his head matches his black Bone Daddy’s t-shirt, while his facial hair outlines the friendly smile he gives to every customer.

“I started here three years ago when the owner of the actual truck, David Stein’s, started the Brother Trucker Company,” Cambriello said. “Since then, the truck has been completely re-wrapped/revamped and looks totally different from what it used to be. We take pride in what we do and really take the time to make sure that we do not serve sub-par food.”

There are a list of jobs that Cambriello has previously had before he discovered his passion for cooking and became a chef. Now Cambriello is planning on serving up his burgers for a very long time.

“Being a chef, I get to do anything I want,” Cambriello said. “All the menu items are my ideas, and the staffs. I love what I do.”

Below is a video of how Cambriello and his crew create the food that keeps customers coming back.


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