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Written by Stephanie Field / November 26, 2013

Radiating Red and Green

Friday afternoon was a typically inconsistent-New-England-weather kind of rainy day in November at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Quincy Market was filled with locals and tourists huddling inside for warmth, grabbing a hot beverage, and deciding where to venture next. A glass-enclosed shop at the edge radiated reds and greens through the glossy windows.

Lambert’s Marketplace stood apart from the other 70-plus retailers at Fanueil Hall Marketplace - the strong scent of evergreen emitted from the shop, triggering a reminder that the holiday season was quickly approaching.

“Faneuil Hall Marketplace is as alive today as it was in 1742 when our nation’s fathers proclaimed it ’The Cradle of Liberty,’” proclaims the market’s website. Despite the weather on Nov. 22, the place was lively with people shopping and eating at one of the four locations that comprise Faneuil Hall Marketplace– Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market and South Market.

According to their website, Faneuil Hall was a vital business center throughout the 1800s and is still a vital business center today, having over 70 retailers and 40 office spaces.

A view of Lamberts at Faneuil Hall from Quincy Market. PHOTO/Stephanie Field

Inside Lambert’s, the smell of evergreen grew more potent and the colors more vibrant. Produce lined the inside of the store with red, orange, and yellow. Kissing balls were hanging from the ceiling and kindling logs were bundled together in thin red ribbon held together by a few red bows. Joanne Rogers, worker at Lamberts and a member of the Lambert family, stood amongst the colors as she overlooked the store.

The holiday season draws in shoppers seeking some holiday cheer to add to their home, something Rogers admires. “My favorite part is the cheeriness of people of the holiday season and [everyone] being happy,” she said.

Produce lines the back wall at Lamberts at Faneuil Hall. PHOTO/Stephanie Field

Lambert’s has all the essentials for the shopper seeking holiday décor and even a snack or two from their produce selection along the way.

Trees and produce are what the Lambert’s are best at. “They’ve been doing it their whole life,” said Rogers.

Ferdinand and Jon Lambert started the business in 1956 based out of New Hampshire, said Rogers.

Holiday baskets sit on a table inside Lamberts at Fanueil Hall. PHOTO/Stephanie Field

Although the Lambert family is from New Hampshire, they are not new to the Boston area.  In Boston, the Lamberts have a Marketplace at 682 Tremont St and 140 Tremont St, and a flower market at 1 South Station. Rogers said the Lamberts have several other stores in the suburbs and have been at the Faneuil Hall location for the last two years.

Kissing balls and mini trees line the front of Lamberts at Faneuil Hall. PHOTO/Stephanie Field

During the holiday season Rogers said that the evergreen was the most popular item that sold but that “everything really” was popular in the shop.

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